Manage library creators

Library creators are a set of users defined by the AODocs super administrators to create AODocs libraries from the AODocs user interface.  

Library creators are not necessarily AODocs super administrators.
 Only super administrators can delete libraries. Learn more: Manage your libraries.

As an AODocs super administrator, you can:

Access the library creators section
Select who can create libraries
Add library creators
Remove library creators 

Access the library creators section

1. Go to the domain administration.

2. Select Domain roles.

3. Select Library creators.


Select who can create libraries

You can choose between these following options:

  • Only AODocs super administrators can create libraries: You can manage AODocs super administrators from the Super administrators page in the Domain roles section.
  • Only specific users from the following list can create libraries: You can add users as library creators from this list.
  • Any user can create libraries: By default, this option is selected. Any user who has access to the AODocs domain can create libraries.

Add library creators

1. Select the Only specific users from the following list can create libraries option.

2. Press SaveThe list of library creators is displayed.


3. Press the Add button.

4. Enter the email of the new library creator.

Note: You can add as many library creators as you want.

5. Press Save.

Tip: You can also add whitelisted users to the library creators. Learn more: Manage external users


Remove library creators

1. In the list of library creators, select the library creator to remove.

Note: You can search for a user using the Search button.

2. Press the trash button.

3. Press Confirm.


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