Manage AODocs super administrators

AODocs super administrators have access to all the libraries of the domain. They can execute the same operations as administrators but they can't see attachments if they aren't declared in the document permissions. Super administrators can access the domain administration.

As an AODocs super administrator, you can:

 Access the Domain roles section
 Edit the G Suite super administrator account
 Manage super administrators list
 Add an AODocs super administrator
 Remove an AODocs super administrator 

Access the super administrators settings page

1. Go to the domain administration.

2. Select Domain roles.

Edit the G Suite super administrator

By default, the displayed G Suite super administrator account is the user who installed AODocs. You can edit it and select an another G Suite super administrator.

- The G Suite super administrator is updated every 24 hours. Your changes will be effective after this delay.

1. Press the edit button.

2. Enter the email of the new G Suite super administrator.

3. Press Save.

Manage the super administrators list

You can choose between these options:

  • Manually add or remove AODocs super administrators: You can manage the list of AODocs super administrators manually.
  • Use the G Suite super administrator list: This is the default option. It allows you to replace the list of AODocs super administrators by the list of G Suite super administrators. If you aren't a G Suite super administrator, you will no longer be an AODocs super administrator (within 24 hours).

Add an AODocs super administrator

You can add whitelisted users from the AODocs domain as super administrators.
Learn more here: Manage external users

1. Select Manually add or remove AODocs super administrators.

2. Press the + button.

Adding a new super administrator

3. Enter the email of the new super administrator.

- You can add individual email addresses only, not groups.
- You can add as many super administrators as you want by clicking the + button.

4. Press Save.

Remove an AODocs super administrator

1. In the Super administrators list, select the super administrator to remove.

Note: You can search for a super administrator by pressing the search button.

Removing an AODocs super administrator

2. Press the remove button.

3. Press Confirm.

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