Manage your AODocs subscription

As the default G Suite super administrator, you can manage the number of AODocs licenses. You can subscribe new licenses or change your subscription plan directly from the AODocs interface.

Read Manage user licenses and How are user licenses counted in AODocs? for more information.

This article explains how to:

 Upgrade licenses manually
 Upgrade licenses by contacting the AODocs team
 Cancel your subscription


- To directly modify by yourself your subscription plan you need to use the subscription billing application "Chargify".
- Only the G Suite super administrator declared in the super admin page can subscribe new AODocs license from the AODocs interface. 

Upgrade licenses manually

To upgrade the number of user licenses:

1. Go to the domain administration.

2. Click on “Licensing” in the left menu.

3. In the section "Billing information", a button "Purchase more licenses" is displayed.

4. Click on the button, to open the subscription pop-up. Several information are displayed:

  • Licensing mode informs you about the type of license you purchased.
  • Number of additional licenses to purchase allows you to get new licenses for your domain by filling an integer value. 
  • Open the billing portal for more options is a link to the Chargify website.

5. Once you have finish, click "Purchase".

Change you credit card details

You can modify the your credit card details by accessing the billing portal.

1. Go to the domain administration.

2. Click on “Licensing” in the left menu.

3. In the section "Billing information", click on the button "Purchase more licenses".

4. Click on "Open the billing portal for more options"

5. From the billing portal, you will be able to Update Payment Method (credit card details) and Edit Contact Information


Upgrade licenses by contacting the AODocs team

You can modify the number of user licenses in your subscription plan or change it by contacting the AODocs sales team at For more information, visit this page to learn more about the available subscription plans.

Cancel your subscription

You can cancel your subscription by the AODocs sales team at

After your subscription is cancelled, you won't be able to use AODocs any more. But cancelling your subscription doesn't automatically uninstall AODocs from your G suite domain. You have to uninstall it manually.
Learn more here:
How to uninstall AODocs

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